Tampa Dog Grooming Pricing

Our Tampa Pet Dog Grooming Pricing
is $55. – $68. per dog!

Exclusively for dogs under 20 lbs. Who are professionally groomed at least every 8 weeks.


Full Grooming Spa

This service includes a salon bath , Tearless Facial Cleanser, hand dried with warm air, full brush out for untangled coats, 5 minutes shedding hair removal, gentle ear cleansing wash, nails shortened, and anal glands checked and cleaned if needed.  I will remove hair away from the opening of the ear canal for better ventilation, and a hair cut and style with our National Certified Master Groomer for $55. – $65. Bows, bow ties, or bandanas available on request at no extra charge. Teeth brushed for an additional $3.00.

This service usually takes 45 min. to 2 hours per pet to complete.



Certified Master Groomer exclusively for dogs under 20 lbs.