Tampa’s Small Dog Boarding In Grande Style!

Tampa’s Small Dog Boarding Facility in Grande Style!

Small Dog Boarding in Grande Style.
Boarding Suites are $29. per night, per pet.
Required Vaccines for Small Dog Boarding:

All pets must show proof of vaccinations, see our required vaccines page. Dog Flu H3N2, Dog Flu H3N8, and Bordetella vaccines are required ,(including the follow up booster given at the appropriate time).   We do not accept pets with separation anxiety for boarding. If your pet has not been here before, you will need to bring the pet by for a 3 hour temperament test to see if the pet will adjust well.   Pets should bring their own food and bowls. Pets stay at our North Tampa Grooming and Boarding Facility.  Space is limited, we only board for two families at a time. This way we can give pets a lot of attention, and unbeatable care.    Make an appointment to tour the facility at grandestylepetgrooming@gmail.com. For an additional $80. per night, we will provide someone to work the overnight shift, in addition to our regular business hours.    Because we only handle dogs under 20 lbs. , your pet will feel safe and calm in our homelike setting. Pets can see all of the activity of the salon, so they do not feel alone.

Small Doggy Daycare

I also offer non-playgroup daycare. The fee is $19. per day, pets are offered some playtime individually, or supervised with one dog who is the same size and temperament as yours. I do not offer large playgroups, I think they are dangerous, especially for little dogs.

Grande Style Pet Grooming has specialized in small dog care in the Tampa Bay area for 35 years.

We understand the special needs of small dogs. As a toy Poodle owner, Suzanne Grande knows that toy size dogs need extra attention in a home like setting, without large noisy dogs to scare them. Small dogs love the extra attention and one on one care they receive at Grande Style, and you will love the reasonable fees for the extra care.



Certified Master Groomer exclusively for dogs under 20 lbs.